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Community Projects


Virus Media is driven by a strong set of values based on social justice which govern our mission to create work which effects positive social change.

Much of our work is with fringe communities, helping them express the issues which are important to them.

Virus Media lends its skills and resources to campaigns which work for positive change in society, for example Boat People a culture jamming project to counter Australian border panic and achieve fair treatment for refugees.


Boat is a group of artists, designers and activists who seek to combat the politics of fear in a creative way. Boat-people stage media spectacles, culture jams and art happenings to counter the border panic of government and campaign for just treatment of refugees. The site acts as a hub for information and ideas, and continues to inspire and drive the campaign and it's supporters.

Boat-people have projected images, designed and published post cards and posters, and helped organised rallies and events around the refugee issue.

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