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Links to Video Programs


Here are some online links to videos and audio produced by Enda Murray and Virus Media. Some links contain whole programs, some contain segments.

Secret Family Recipes (90 second promo) (2012)

I grew up in Ireland but left there 27 years ago and finally settled in Sydney. I made this film because I wanted to explore what connects me to family, community and place in Ireland. What aspects of my Irishness would I pass on to my daughters in Australia? What parts would they want? In Secret Family Recipes the ritual baking of a family cake unlocks hidden stories of family, community and place. (Full 50 minute video now available)

Alive and Kicking Goals! (2011)

Suicide prevention video commissioned by Men¹s Health in Broome. This half-hour video focuses on the experiences of 3 members of the Broome Saints AFL club as it counsels young Aboriginal men in the Kimberley region about mental health. The video features the footie team¹s tour to Ireland in an innovative project which uses peer education to deliver vital information on health and wellbeing. (29 minutes)

This project is password protected. The password is "saintsalive"

Boat-people flag-wrapping (2010)

This video presents traces of a muffled protest which spread from Cockatoo Island around Australia. As both sides of politics sought to profit by invoking fear of asylum seekers during the 2010 election campaign, invited friends and strangers across the nation to appear in public spaces in a collective display of dismay. The work was developed during the 2010 Cockatoo Island Artist Residency Program. Video produced by 

Grandfather, teach  me more Dreaming (2010)

Workshop based music project in Punmu Community, Western Desert, West Australia with  Monkey Marc, Shannon Kennedy (Ozi Batla). 5 minutes. 

Growing up with Cancer (2010)

5 minute promo for documentary about growing up with cancer (in production). 

Mrs Murray's Christmas Cake (2007)

(2 minute digital story). 

Stigmatised (2007)

Experimental theatre on young people's experience of the mental health system. Co-written by James Winter. 14 Minutes 

Jammin' in the Middle E  (2006)

An Arab Australian comedy about family, fast cars and finding romance in Bankstown, Sydney. (5 minute excerpt) 

Habibi Jammin' (2006)

Doco about being young and Arab in Sydney in 2006, (5 minute excerpt) 

Dereb: Portrait of an Ethiopian Musician (2003)

Radio Doco. A peek into the life of a young Ethiopian exile as he plies his musical trade in the Sydney suburbs. 17 minutes. 

Earthdreamers (2001)

Sydney musician Peter Strong as he joins forces with Earthdream, a group of international artists travelling across Australia to highlight issues of Aboriginal land rights, uranium and sustainable energy. 24 mins. 

Earthdream  (2000)

Radio doco. Mad Max meets the Merry Pranksters in the red centre of Australia - It's a road movie on the radio! 34 mins. 

Road (2000)

Multi-award winning short drama made with young Aborgines in Redfern,  Sydney. A selection of scenes from 26 minute drama. 

Reclaim the Streets, Bexley, Sydney (1999)

Bexley Reclaim the Streets.This was an early 1999 protest about the construction of the M5. The man with the impressive quiff is the very talented Joel Salom.

Reel Irish (1998)

Reel Irish documents the hidden world of Irish dancing in Britain. The program reaches beyond the glamour of the Riverdance phenomenon to look at the experiences of the ordinary women who passed down their traditions through the generations.

Gaelic Girls (1997)

A witty and engaging documentary about a ladies Irish Rules (Gaelic) football team in Sydney which sheds light on four separate stories of female emigration.

Hulme experience (c1995)

Documents a huge party organized by Dogs of Heaven in Manchester to celebrate the razing of these squatted flats in Hulme. Sound system by DiY. Djs Digs & Whoosh.

Paint your own Bike LaneFilm maker unknown (1995)

Very early Sydney bicycle activism circa 1995? The cop was hilarious - can't see a cop being so polite now. Very happily, about 15 years later, South Sydney Council made this route one of the first bike lanes in Sydney so the action was very prophetic. This program was included on the news magazine, News Unlimited which published three issues from 1996 to 1998.

Please Help Us (1995)

Mongrel  music video cut-up and bastardised briccolage of the Civil Liberties campaign in the UK in the time of Thatcher. 

Piece of the action (1994)

15 minute doco about the early days of rave in Coventry. Directed by Adi Dowling 

Sound System (1993)

Sound System explores the little known subculture of the British reggae sound system scene. The program follows veteran Birmingham dancehall crew Quaker City as they play out in Handsworth and features interviews with some of the major players in the British dancehall scene. 15 minutes.   

DiY Brighton party(1993?)

This one's more of a pop video clip but I played out as a vj with these guys (DiY from Nottingham) at several momentous free parties (including Castlemorton 1992) so I have a soft spot for them. The track was called Hothead (1993) and was released on Warp. The video was shot at a free party somewhere near Brighton.

Kill the Bill (1993)

Video coverage of first anti-Criminal Justice Bill march/party from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. The Bill was introduced to outlaw raves in the months following the Castlemorton free party in May 1992.

Global Method (1991)

Video Clip for Coventry rave band featuring Chris McGuigan, Nathan Joseph and Chris Dalton. 4 minutes. 

Exile in the Kingdom (1985)

Seminal Drogheda punk band. 4 minutes 

Crossing the line (1989)

Filmskool film from St. Martin's School of Art, shot on 16mm film. Features cool production design and great title sequence front and back which is almost as long as the film itself. Made by a nice bunch of people. Dedicated to Paul Bettell who was a gentleman.

Rope (1986)

Short drama shot in squat in Rotherhithe, South London. Stars Nicky Mallon as a depressed Irish immigrant whose days are bookended by popular tv shows.