" follows a night in the lives of four young Aboriginal people from the Sydney inner-city suburb of Redfern.

Murray is on the road to disaster. His mate, Lance goes along for the ride. They try in vain to catch a cab. A fight with a cabby ensues. Burning rubber, hot pursuit. Cabs cruise like sharks in the night in search of the young duo. The chase leads to the ocean.

Beck and Kelvin, meanwhile, are on the road to friendship.

A raw and gritty tale of survival in the inner city. Stories of love and belonging.

Road was devised and performed by young Aboriginal people with no acting experience from Redfern in Sydney. The film is a unique collaboration between filmmaking professionals and young people.

A Discussion Forum has been set up for your comments and discussion about the film and project

The Diary section describes the long months of writing and drama workshops that went into the making of the subsequent film.

Participants' comments contain some of the feedback from the young people who took part in the project.

About the Project is a detailed description of the work that went into getting the "Road" project up and running.

Who's Who gives a run down of the cast and crew, with bios of the actors and crew.

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