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Gaelic Girls


Gaelic Girls is a witty and engaging documentary about a ladies Irish Rules (Gaelic) football team in Sydney which sheds light on four separate stories of female emigration.

Gaelic Girls follows the ups and downs of the Clan na Gael football team as they battle it out in the New South Wales Championship. The football provides the thread which links four personal stories of emigration and gives an insight into the Irish community in Sydney.

Gaelic Girls focuses on four team-mates, their trials and tribulations both on and off the field and the resonance their experience holds for their generation.

The program features Geraldine Carr (Drogheda), Petrina Casey (Longford), Susan Doherty (Sligo) and Fiona Shanley (Leitrim) in action on the field plus elements of their work, home and social life. Dramatic tales of immigration arrests, relationship breakdowns, sexual liberation and starting families take place against a backdrop of major events in the Sydney calendar such as Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day.

Featuring music from U2, ex-Waterboys Colin Blakey and Steve Wickham, Cran and Ceol Batacuda, Gaelic Girls investigates cultural expression as a glue in binding displaced communities.

Produced and directed by Enda Murray

Associate producer: John Curtis

Length 26 minutes

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