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Virtual Palestine


Virtual Palestine is a cutting edge arts project, developed by Virus Media in collaboration with young Palestinians in Sydney to establish a creative cyber presence for the global Palestinian diaspora. The site uses both English and Arabic and features a gallery, a communication space and music software to jam live on the net with people in other countries.

Virtual Palestine's content is based around artistic explorations of Palestinian culture, examining individual experiences of identity, culture and place.

This is reflected in the different creative zones of the website - a gallery; a personal profile where people can tell their own stories; a map locator for Palestinians to relate, where they live now to where their family originally lived in Palestine; and a music creation area. A news and current affairs area is linked to the Indymedia Global independent news network.

Stereotypes are challenged, with the opportunity to 'throw your own rock' into orbit in

the stonethrower area. Here people can stuff their frustrations into a ball and send it into cyberspace. This plays upon media images of stone-throwers in the current Palestinian Intifada. Reflecting the aims of Virtual Palestine, it transforms a negative image into something positive.

Project Director: Enda Murray

Web Director: Monique Potts

Designer: PJ Lenehan

Co-Writers: Patrick Abboud, Lamia Daboussy, Anna Kemp

Programming: Andy Nicholson, Grant Focas

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